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Focus Flare strives to do our part to protect Mother Earth.
We are proud to announce that we are now offsetting our CO2 emissions from the shipping of all our orders. For each order, a payment is made to Pachamama. This company funds forest projects around the world to capture carbon and protect the world's forest systems.
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White Howlite

What is White Howlite?

Howlite is a stone of patience and perspective, for those who feel they need to slow it down, absorb it and clear the constant flow of chatter from the mind, it's a crystal that marries you with a more mindful way of living.



What is Rhodonite?

Rhodonite is a manganese silicate mineral with an opaque transparency. Rhodonite comes in shades that range from pale pink to deep red. It has a glassy luster and is composed of other minerals such as calcite, iron and magnesium. It has a triclinic crystal system and occurs in ores or as round crystals. Rhodonite means compassion and love.



Stone of the month is Fluorite

Fluorite is a multicolored crystal (usually occurs in shades of blue, purple, and green) that is fluorescent when viewed under UV light. Fluorite has a strong ability to absorb negative energies while radiating positive energies, which can be helpful for those struggling with burnout, lack of energy, or even depression.



Spiritual jewelry that heal

When we choose to wear spiritual jewelry, it is a choice that goes beyond a fashion statement. Jewelry composed of precious gemstones and ancient crystals comes with all kinds of rich healing properties that can balance our body, mind and spirit. FocusFlare celebrates making that choice every day by choosing spiritual jewelry collections that are bursting with color, style and most importantly, the desire to elevate your life and live in the light of your full potential.

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Gemstone bracelets

By choosing spiritual jewelry, we commit ourselves to the search in our own soul; we say we want to think deeper, fly higher, and stay wild and free and drenched in positive vibes. Choosing spiritual jewelry is a sign of your intuition that you are always ready and present for all the healing the universe has to offer. Kickstart your soul exploration and get ready to manifest magic with our sublime collection of spiritual gem bracelets. Whether you're looking for spiritual jewelry based on chakra colors, your zodiac sign, or simply following the essence of your heart, fashion isn't superficial - it's about celebrating who we are deep down. Spirituality in name and nature invites you to open your heart, to better understand what kind of person you are, and to honor a desire to be close to nature, perfect harmony and the wider wonders of the world we see. to be inhabited.

Moon Collection

MOON Collection

Do you love the moon? Do you love the calm, the quiet;...